a passion for success

Having a diverse background spanning healthcare and technology, the one common denominator is the  desire to provide innovative and exceptional customer service. To achieve this experience has taught me you must; create a solid business plan, build an incredible team, fuse customer service with incredible execution and provide your team the latitude to succeed. Finally, ensure it is achievable and enjoyable - for all

With that in mind, doing something well once or twice is relatively easy but to consistently repeat high quality performance at scale requires;

  • clarity in the vision and mission
  • the ability and good fortune to create a great team
  • the ultimate attention to detail
  • ensuring the path to success is defined and well documented
  • empowering all team members
  • forcing all team members to make critical decisions
  • reach, fail fast and move forward


2016 : Tapyness : Founding Partner

2015 : CheckOnMe App® (Smartphone App) : Founding Partner

2014 : DriverDo : Chief Operating Officer

2002 : Perceptive Software : Executive and Vice President; Technical Services

2000 : AVAX Technologies, Inc. (Biotechnology Firm) : Director; Clinical Data Management

1995 : Pharmaceutical Consultants Inc. (Contract Research Organization) : Executive and Vice President

1994 : Perceptive Vision merged with Genesis Software : President of new joint entity (transformed to Perceptive Software purchased by Lexmark)

1991 : Evolved MacSource into Perceptive Vision, Inc. : President

1987 : MacSource : Founding Partner, co-pioneered the first Apple Macintosh only firm in United States

1984 : Sigler & Flanders, Inc. : Founding Partner

1984 : Raney Pharmacy : Pharmacist and Manager

1984 : The University of Kansas; Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy